Katsuobushi professional 100 years old

About Us

Founded 100 years ago. Next 100 years
Responsibility to the next generation and handing down Japanese food culture, I think this is our mission ( = The significance of our existence )
Be honest with the product. Sincerely to our customers
We continue to make products that are loved by our customers.
About the meaning of the store logo
Our logo is represented by the Kanejyaku (a ruler bent at right angles used by Japanese carpenters) and the Chinese numeral 3.
This contains a wish "be honest and steady as a Kanejyaku".

Company Profile

Company Name
Head Office
7-33-11, Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo, Japan


Main Products - Products
Katsuobushi (dried Bonito), Fresh Pack (Bonito flakes),
Tsuyu (Japanese soup base used in noodle dishes), Soba (Japanese noodle)
Organizational Affiliations
Nihon Katsuobushi association

Message from the CEO

First of all, we continue to stick to "taste". The reason is that the sales destination of the dried bonito wholesaler is "Soba shop".Continuing to sell a Katsuobushi to long-established soba restaurants all over Japan means that the taste of "tsuyu" at one store is different. The owner of the soba shop keeps the taste of the shop so that the taste does not change due to the "craftsman". Continuing to live up to the trust of the shop owner leads to my confidence. Not only the Katsuobushi to be purchased and the appearance, but also the hard Katsuobushi are beaten and broken, and checked with my tongue. Every day, we boil water to extract the dashi stock and check the taste. I will not compromise. This is because it is important to continue to pursue and protect the "taste" that does not change even when the times change. Today and tomorrow, we will continue to stick to the "taste" of each store, the "taste" of each household, and the "taste" of each individual.

Yuasa Shoten Co., Ltd.
President,CEO Representative Director
Isamu Yuasa


Confidence that "real = additive-free = delicious".
We will continue to make products that are additive-free.
Think from the customer's perspective
Going back to the origin of food, how to make customers smile.
We're always thinking and pursuing.